Crowns and Bridges

If damaged or missing teeth are causing you embarrassment and suffering and stopping you smiling with confidence, crowns and bridges are a popular, effective, painless and lasting treatment option to complete your smile and make your bite stronger and more stable.

Not only do they improve your appearance but by also improving your tooth alignment and bite, they can consequently also improve your speech and ability to eat.

We may recommend a crown to you if you have a chipped, broken or fragile tooth, or if your tooth already has a large filling but appears to require further work. Once your crown is fitted your tooth will be stronger and look more uniform alongside your natural teeth, giving you a straighter, more confident smile.

If you have a gap caused by missing or extracted teeth, we would recommend a bridge that we attach securely to your natural teeth, for a complete smile that looks entirely natural.

The Treatment

​Two appointments are required. At the first, an impression will be taken of the tooth that needs a crown. Your crown will take two weeks to be hand crafted to the shape of your mouth, at which point you will return for your second appointment to have the crown fitted.

​In the case of a bridge, at the first appointment, we will take impressions of your mouth and a record of the colour of your surrounding teeth so that your bridge can be colour-matched and made to look like your natural teeth. At your second appointment your bridge will be fitted.