Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is an increasingly popular cosmetic dental treatments for addressing chipped or cracked teeth, discoloured teeth, teeth which are smaller than adjacent ones or slight misalignment.

It achieves great results and offers a number of benefits over alternatives such as veneers and crowns.

  • It is more affordable than crowns and veneers
  • It is quicker – treatment is carried out in a single session and you walk away from the appointment with a new smile
  • It causes no damage to your teeth unlike crowns and veneers 

The Treatment

Treatment is fast, pain free, is typically completed in single session and offers instant results.

It involves the application of carefully colour matched tooth coloured resin to existing teeth. This is contoured to create a pleasing shapeand  that enhances your smile and hardened.

Composite bonding typically lasts up to 7 years before it will need to be refreshed.